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Who Am I?

My name is Al Carlson. I'm a semi-retired cheesehead, with plenty opinions, a keyboard, and time for everything except stupid ideas. I love classic cars, Jeeps, and most things mechanical. The older the cooler. The simpler the better.

I'm always running my mouth at anyone who will not throw me out. So much so, family and friends have convinced me to make this website. They think I have interesting things to say. Not entirely sure they are being honest, but I don't so much care.

I wanna vent about all things cars and modern tech and idiot millenials. Put your phone down and get the hell off my grass, you idiots. Oh and if you have a Y chromosome, you're a male. You're unlikely a man, but you're at least male. Heads up, and get a damn job, but before that, my beer is empty. Fix that. Where was I...

Why should you care about my site?

You shouldn't. I don't give a rat's ass about your website, or your opinions, if you even have them. My niece wanted to learn how to make a website, and knew I never shut up, so figured she'd fix two problems at once.

Go Pack.

My Rigs

'Old Man Is Old'

'Old Man Is Old' is a 1989 Dodge Ram W100 and a bit of a mutt. While the 100 line was normally reserved for strippo renditions of the normal W150 line, this particular truck has a 318 V8, a heavy duty TF727 automatic, and the heavy duty leaf springs in the rear. None of that is standard gear on a 1989 W100. This truck is definitely a weirdo, and he gets even weirder as I work may way into it.

History Of 'Old Man Is Old'

The story starts in the fall of 2017. I found myself in the market for a plow rig, you know, to move snow, dummy. That white stuff that us northerners have to contend with so we can avoid the brainless masses in California.

Shut up Al and get back on point

OK. My usual soldier, a 1957 Willys CJ5, was down for the count, and I needed something to get me through the season. Combing Craigslist as I usually do didn’t turn up much, until this gem showed up. $2k later and I hauled her home on the trailer. This rig checked off every box I was looking for in a cheap plow truck:

What 'Old Man' Originally Came With On Purchase

  • Solid front and rear axles
  • Good tires
  • 8’ bed and regular cab
  • Classic OHV V8
  • Heavy duty front bumper
  • Plow mount
  • 7.5’ plow

'Old Man' started out tame enough, but the old bastard just never wanted to cooperate during his first snow season. This is most certainly my fault for not going through him earlier. I did some bare minimum work on it to get him drive-able and turned my attention to what I thought were bigger fish to fry.

This old truck spawned a few neat projects several people have wanted me to chronicle. In my other posts, I’ll write some of these up, but wanted to introduce you to 'Old Man is Old.'' The origins of the name is not car-related and maybe I’ll put that story in a rant some day...

I’ll keep this page updated as the Old Man goes through life and gets improved and modified to suit my needs.