Put your phone down, knuckhead, and listen up. I been around the track a few times in my life, and that means I've screwed up plenty of things. Wisdom comes from screwing stuff up. If only I had a nickle for every bloody knuckle I got. This is a collection of my rants about various topics and reviews on products I think are neat, and a few that just plain suck.

Holly Truck Avenger 470 carburetor

To Hell With EFI...Long Live The Carb!

Look, I get it. It's fabulous. It solves world hunger. It adapts to altitude. It will deliver you beer when you're empty. One thing it won't do? Save you time or money. Simply put, it's only good when brand new. Once you get into real life where you put actual miles on it, the condition of the sensors and wiring degrade. Once that occurs, the signal is not exactly correct.

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