Carburetor mounted

TBI to Carb Conversion - Part 1

In this episode of our multi-part article, we're configuring the fuel delivery portion of our carburetor conversion kit using a Holley Bypass Fuel Regulator and OEM in-tank EFI fuel pump. This process reduces cost and simplifies configuration.

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Holly Truck Avenger 470 carburetor

To Hell With EFI...Long Live The Carb!

Look, I get it. It's fabulous. It solves world hunger. It adapts to altitude. It will deliver you beer when you're empty. One thing it won't do? Save you time or money. Simply put, it's only good when brand new. Once you get into real life where you put actual miles on it, the condition of the sensors and wiring degrade. Once that occurs, the signal is not exactly correct.

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PowerMaster one wire alternator

Low Voltage

No, that isn’t describing the number of decent humans remaining alive in Chicago. That’s how many volts the truck was running on. The truck chewed through batteries like an ex-smoker through Big Red. Since not only the plow but the engine itself requires the charging system be in top notch order, I knew this was one of the first items on my to do list. Follow along and we’ll go through the troubleshooting and remedy of the problem. Yes, I did actually end up fixing something, and screw you for asking. Get me another beer and read on.

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